Ways to Launch Mango

June 16th, 2023


The ma-bootstrap.jar is used to start up Mango, automatically configuring the classpath. It can either start Mango
from the same java process or fork a new process.

  • It is used by the Windows mango.cmd script and the Windows service (via WinSW). It can also be used to directly launch
    Mango by double clicking the jar file. This should work on Windows/OSX/Linux.

  • The downside of launching Mango this way is that it doesn't display the console output and its not easy to then stop
    Mango.You have to open a process manager and terminate the java process.

  • With the default configuration, Mango will open a browser window.

  • It is a good way to evaluate Mango, but should not be used for production as Mango will not restart if the process

  • Running Mango under systemd (Linux) or WinSW (Windows) is recommended for using Mango in production as these will
    restart the process if it crashes or exits due to a Mango restart from the UI.

ma-bootstrap.jar help

  • The following is the output of the command java -jar boot/ma-bootstrap.jar -help
Starts Mango, automatically sets up the required classpath.
If your OS is configured to associate jar files with java,
you can double click this jar to run Mango.
	-help		Displays this help message.
	-fork		Starts Mango in a new java process.
	-wait		Fork only. Waits for the child process (Mango) to complete before exiting.
	-io			Fork only. Causes IO (stdin/stdout/stderr) to be inherited by the child process.

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