June 18th, 2020

What is the MangoGT?

The MangoGT is a powerful embedded computer that has the full Mango Enterprise software pre-installed and fully licensed.

What operating system does the MangoGT has?

The MangoGT uses a special version of Debian Linux. It’s been customized and optimized by IAS but has all the standard features on Debian Linux.

Do I get root access to the operating system?

Yes, each MangoGT has a unique serial number and password to access the operating system. You can use SSH or an included web based server manager tool. You are free to install additional software and customize to your needs.

Are there any additional licenses needed or costs?

No, the MangoGT comes fully licensed. There are some optional add-ons such as Allen Bradley Data Sources, Excel Reports and DGLux dashboards.

Does it come with a Power Supply?

No, you can use any power supply that is 12-24 VDC with a minimum of 20 watts (12vdc @ 2 amps or 24vdc @ 1 amp minimum).

How can the MangoGT be used?

You can use the MangoGT in 100’s of ways. It is a full self contained automation system and can be used as a stand alone SCADA / HMI / Reporting system. It can send out email alarms, provide high quality web based HMI screens and record 100’s of million historical samples.

It can also be used as a remote data acquisition system syncing it’s data into a central Mango server.

How much data can it store?

The 8GB version can store roughly 200 million historical samples, 16GB 600 million.

About shipping and delivery?

We ship worldwide. Orders are generally shipped within 1-2 days of an order being placed.

What is the warranty?

1 year from the time of purchase.

Where do I find more documentation?

You can find general documentation here.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

Yes, please contact us for more information

Do you allow white labeling?

Yes, for OEMs and volume orders we allow white labeling and co-branding. Please contact us for more information.

What connectors does the MangoGT have?

See this article for details

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