Persistent Point Value Cache

Mango 4.0+ has made improvements to the startup performance of data sources and their points. In addition to general improvements there is a new feature called the Point Value Cache.

March 16th, 2021

Mango 4.0+ supports storing the latest cached values for data points on disk separately to the time series which can drastically improve startup time. The feature is currently only supported in the MapDB module. Without this module installed the latest values are retrieved from the data point time series stored in the database.

Map DB Module Configuration

This module has no UI and is completely configured via The following are the properties with their defaults:

#Enable module
#Specify directory for db file
#Flush changes to disk this often

The data is stored in the databases folder named pointValueCache.db. If mango starts with this module installed and the db file doesn’t exist it will re-create it at startup by pulling the latest values from the time series stores.

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