Reporting Bugs

June 18th, 2020

You’ve read the docs, searched our troubleshooting section and forum to see if maybe you are just doing something wrong, You’ve tried everything you can think of but it sure looks like Mango is misbehaving. Now you want to get this fixed so you can get back to building your awesome SCADA system. No problem, just tell IAS about it and they will fix it right away, right? We wished it could work that way but fixing bugs is really hard work and we need your help.

Before asking for help

  • Always check the Troubleshooting section on the website first, maybe this is a known issue with a known fix or workaround.

  • Check the forum. Especially the Mango Feedback Category to see if anyone else is having the same issue.

Good bug reporting

  • Try and isolate the issue, e.g.

    • Disable other data sources or data points

    • Post small snippets of markup that are going wrong on your custom pages

  • Describe in detail the steps to reproduce the issue. Describe what happens verses what you expected to happen.

  • Screen shots often help to clarify where something is going wrong with user interface related issues

  • You must include the following information as a minimum when describing your issue

    • Mango version

    • Relevant module versions, e.g. if you are having trouble with the advanced scheduler page include the advancedScheduler module version

    • Check your ma.log file (located in ${MA_HOME}/logs) for any errors or warnings, include this information in your post

      • We may request that you post or send us your whole log file

      • When posting log files please ensure that the log file successfully uploads, it takes a few seconds to appear after it says 100%

    • If the issue is with the web interface then include

      • mangoUI module version

      • Any errors from the browser console (see below), please also tell us if you checked and there are none!

    • If the issue is with a custom page / dashboard designer page then include

      • Isolated markup from the page that will reproduce the issue

      • We may ask you to post your whole page's markup

    • Browser version. Recommended browsers are the latest Chrome or Firefox, also supported are Safari or Edge. Internet Explorer is NOT supported.

    • If you are using a MangoES let us know, or tell us the operating system Mango is running on (i.e. Linux <Distribution>, Windows <Version>, MacOS <Version>)

Capturing browser error messages (using Chrome)

  • Open the developer tools and switch to the Console tab (Ctrl-Shift-J / Cmd-Opt-J)

  • Refresh the page

  • Perform the action on the page that causes your issue to occur

  • Copy and paste errors or right click and select "Save as"

  • See for more information on using the developer tools

Reporting the bug

  • General discussion about bugs prior to submitting them to GitHub can be done on the forum.

  • UI bugs can be reported directly to GitHub here.

  • Data acquisition, REST api and other backend bugs should be reported on GitHub here.

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