v4 Release Notes Overview

June 28th, 2021

This site will be dedicated to Mango v4 and v5. For v3 docs, go to here

You can now download Mango v4 here. This version comes with tons of new features:

Release Note Highlights

  • Improved query performance when using data point tags.
  • You can now set env properties via Java system properties prefixed with mango. .
  • You can now set env properties via environment variables prefixed with mango_ and with dots replaced with underscores.
  • Upgrade log4j to 2.13.2.
  • You can now set log4j2 properties via your env.properties file, the properties should start with "log4j2.".
  • You can now access env properties in log4j2.xml configuration files using syntax ${mango:property.name}.
  • Add properties to env.properties to control the logging levels and patterns when using the built in log4j2.xml file.
  • User configured log4j2.xml files using the property ${sys:ma.logs} should be modified to use ${mango:paths.logs} instead.
  • If you have configured a log4j2.xml file in overrides, you should specify its location via the env property log4j2.configurationFile.
  • Enable compression of rolled over log files using gzip
  • Old log files are now deleted after 30 days, or 1GB of files are accumulated, or after 1000 files are created. This is configurable via env.properties.
  • Active log file size is now capped at 100MB before rolling over. This is configurable via env.properties.
  • The default location of the env.properties file is now $MA_HOME/env.properties, Mango will still fall back to the old location at $MA_HOME/overrides/properties/env.properties if none is found.
  • The location of the env.properties can now be specified via an environment variable "mango_config" or via Java system property "mango.config"
  • The env.properties file is now created on startup if it does not exist, it will be created with all properties commented out
  • Mango will now fail to start if the env.properties file has POSIX "others" read/write permissions. You must manually adjust the permissions on your env.properties file so it is not readable or writable by "others".
  • $MA_HOME/overrides/classes and $MA_HOME/overrides/properties are no longer added to the classpath via the default start up scripts.
  • Radix IoT now recomends using OpenJDK 11 instead of OpenJDK 8 (1.8) with Mango.
  • Mango now works with MySQL 8 in addition to 5.7!

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