SSH Access to the MangoGT

June 18th, 2020

SSH is a popular method to remotely access and manage Linux systems. This tutorial will provide instructions and tips for users new to SSH. SSH is a command like tool that can be a bit overwhelming when first learning but very fast and powerful once you learn the basics.

For users with Windows computers you need to install a SSH Client program. Mac and Linux users have SSH built in although a SSH Client can still be useful.

SSH Clients

  • Windows: Putty - is a popular free SSH Client that is easy to use. Download the .msi installer
  • Mac: vSSH - is a professional paid SSH Client with many nice features

Connecting to SSH from Windows

Open Putty and enter in the IP address and port for SSH on your MangoGT

  • Host Name = mango@<your MangoGT IP>

  • Port = 2222 (default ssh port for Linux is 22 but MangoGT is 2222)

Enter the unique password from the sticker inside the MangoGT box. Note that this password is not your password into Mango but the password into the Linux operating system of the MangoGT

After logging in you'll come to the welcome screen where you can proceed with your commands

Useful SSH Commands & Included Short Cuts

List the contents of the current directory


Display the present path location


Change directories (cd) to the Mango folder

cd /opt/mango

Stop and start the Mango Service

sudo service mango stop

sudo service mango start

Note: "sudo" is needed to preface a command to run the command as root

Check disk space

df -h

See the ethernet configuration


You can find lots of ssh commands, tricks and tutorial by searching online

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