Extended CSV Export as Template

July 6th, 2023

Pi : Steps to use a extended CSV export as a template

The Extended CSV export includes all the columns of the data point. To use this export as a template, you will modify the file to make it easier to digest and modify for future use.

This process assumes that all data point parameters have been configured correctly and the template is ready for reuse.


Column headers will be notated in bold & italic for clarity.

  1. Modify the action column from GET to CREATE.
  2. Remove values of originalXid column.
  3. Remove values of deviceName column.
  4. Remove values of dataSourceId column.
  5. Remove values of dataSourceXid column.
  6. Remove values of dataSourceName column.
  7. Remove values of tags/deviceID column.
  8. Remove any tags/xxx columns that are not appropriate for a template.
  9. Change the xid column to an Excel formula that constructs the XID from other columns (e.g., =CONCAT("DP_", BJ2, "_", BQ2). This formula constructs the XID from the deviceID tab and the point name.
  10. Modify the publishedPoints/0/action column from GET to CREATE.
  11. Remove the values of publishedPoints/0/originalXid column.
  12. Remove values of publishedPoints/0/id.
  13. Remove values of publishedPoints/0/xid.
  14. Modify publishedPoints/0/dataPointXid to have the same formula as the xid column.
  15. Remove the values of publishedPoints/0/publisherXid column.
  16. Since there could have close to 100 columns, we will now hide the columns that we have not touched in steps 1-15, as in most cases only these columns will be edited.
  17. Also hide originalXid, dataSourceId, dataSourceName.
  18. You should be left with just the following headers and the rest will be hidden:
action deviceName dataSourceXid tags tags/deviceType tags/site tags/deviceID tags/dataHall xid publishedPoints/0/action publishedPoints/0/xid publishedPoints/0/dataPointXid publishedPoints/0/publisherXid
  1. Save this file as an Excel spreadsheet so that the formatting can be preserved.

Deploying a new device. These instructions assume that there is already a data source and publish that have been configured. As the XIDs of those 2 need to be used in the spreadsheet.

  1. Enter a deviceName and copy down on all points.
  2. Enter the datasourceXID that these points will belong to and copy down on all points.
  3. Enter desired tags and copy down.
  4. The XID and publishedPoints/0/publisherXid.

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