Upgrade to v5

May 19th, 2023

You will need to purchase a new license for Mango v5. You can do so here

General upgrade tips

Here are a few general reminders to look over before attempting to upgrade Mango to v5.

  • You should always back up your database and have a recovery plan before upgrading Mango!

    • You should always test upgrades in a development environment before upgrading production instances of Mango.
  • If you have not created a separate data directory, now is the time to do this. If you have been upgrading Mango since. version 3.x this may apply to you. See the instructions at upgrade-to-v4.

  • When you first upgrade to Mango 5.0, your users may see a cached version of and older UI in their browser.

    • If using Mango 4.x you should see a prompt to update in your UI

    v5 Upgrade Notification

  • Users should close all their browser tabs which have Mango open and reopen them.

  • Alternatively hold shift and press refresh (Chrome), note that this may not work if you have multiple Mango tabs open.

  • As a last resort, completely clear your browser's cache.

  • Be sure to read the release notes for the core and any modules which you use!

Java / JDK Requirements

Mango v5 now requires Java 17. Please install OpenJDK 17 prior to upgrading to Mango v5 and ensure your JAVA_HOME environment variable points at the correct OpenJDK installation.

Radix IoT recommends the Azul Zulu builds of OpenJDK, however you can use your preferred vendor.

Upgrade Via the UI

  • Navigate to the modules page and press the "Check for Upgrade" button.

Upgrade Via Store

  • Download the latest version of Mango, but don't unzip the file.

  • Place the zipped Mango file on the root directory of your Mango installation.

    • If you have a pre-grant license, place this in the root directory as well.
  • Restart Mango.

Important Information about Future Upgrades

Beginning in version 5 we have introduced new unified versioning. Everything is now being released in blocks. Hence any updates (regardless of if they are in the core or a module) will be released in tandem as a new version. For example should the watchlist module receive a minor update, a new bundle would be released of the module and core as 5.0.1.

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