How to Contribute on Docs From Github

Help to improve our documentation by contributing from Github

June 22nd, 2020

You will find and Edit this article link at the bottom of every article which will redirects you to the article file in the Github repository. Next, you need to click the pencil icon to edit the article:

Edit Article on Github

Once you make the changes that you want, set a commit title, a description (optional), and select Create a new branch for this commit and start a pull request.

This will show you a new input field wher you will be able to set the name of the branch that you want to create.

Commit into a new branch

Click on Propose changes button and it will create a new branch and will redirect you the the Open a pull request page

Open a Pull Request

Click on Create a pull request, and this will create a new pull request to be reviewed and merged by the Infinite's team.

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